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"I have lived with a bad knee for 27 years. 3 months after my stem cell injection I was finally able to get through a day without my knee giving. My wife and I are taking morning walks...haven't done that in 20 years. Thank you!"

Phil J. -  Patient Testimony 

"Dr. Ewald is a wonderful, empathetic physician and commands her knowledge in naturopathic medicine. She takes her time with me and really listens to my symptoms. I feel comfortable with her and I’m able to discuss (with time) my health issues. I never feel rushed so she can see her next patient. I feel like Dr. Ewald and I are a team working towards addressing my health issues." -A. Rose

"I was treated with care and concern and feel that Dr. Ewald is committed to my recovery. My issues have been resolving and I have been feeling better. This is my first time to see a naturopath and my experience has been positive. I plan on seeing her more often in the future for my current issues and any new ailments that may unfortunately arise." -Anthony B.

"I have never before had a physician take such care to explain the results of my blood work and care options. Dr. Ewald is well-trained, informed with up-to-date research, and expansive with her knowledge. I feel I have a partner for my long-term health. After years of bumping around with NMDs in the valley, I have finally found the place to land for good." -Marcia R.

"Dr. Jaime Ewald at Stemulus is the most intelligent, progressive doctor that I have ever met. She integrates body physiology with natural healing techniques and gets results. In the time I have been under her care, I have never felt better. I highly recommend Stemulus and Dr. Jaime Ewald for all your medical needs." -Aubrey Y.


Safe and Effective. Stem Cell therapy is a quick, out-patient procedure that has almost no side effects.

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Zero Downtime. On average our patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately following the procedure.

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World Renowned Experts. Our staff has a combined 25+ years experience in regenerative medicine.

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DISCLAIMER: Stemulus® Procedures, like all medical procedures, have a success and failure rate. Every patient is different, and while procedures may be successful for some, these cases should not be interpreted as the overall success rate. Video courtesy of Heart & Stroke.